A Letter to a Friend who turned into a Stranger

If you would ask me on what will I do if I unexpectedly meet an old friend… I really don’t know what to answer.

Friendships gave me tons of heart breaks more than anything.

Also, maybe this piece is for the future


To my friend who turned into a stranger,

You were my friend back then and I have no regrets with it. We were happy as kids playing as if there is no tomorrow. We were inseparable like a pair of magnet finding its way together. We were sisters not by blood but by heart. But then, like a coin rolling over, we don’t know where we will end up. We don’t know our fate. Sadly, our friendship did not last. Our friendship did find its dead-end. The reason? We found the new ones.

We started the maze together. Thrilled. As we go on through that game, our relation together was tested. We were trapped together finding our way out. We got tired and there is a feeling that we want to find someone who can help us. Who’s that someone? Definitely none of us. A new friend who has better ways on escaping the maze is what we want.

We got tired of trying. Maybe our teamwork doesn’t work at all.

To you my dear old friend, I know you are now happy with person who helped you out of the maze. We are both glad actually. That maze left us a lesson. A lesson that people change and we should adjust to survive. I am not sad with the fact that we became strangers all at once. What important is in that maze, we trusted our luck to work things out. In that maze, we shared a great journey together.


My mom once said

 “Do not talk to strangers, okay?”



You are now a stranger but …. always remember.. you are my kind of stranger I am not afraid to talk to.





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